Roll was a RSA Program that ran between 2010-2014.

Ran previously by Captevyo, the first chairman of R.S.A, is the Roll Space Program.

Roll Launches
Roll-01 First Roll launch at Tests

First Roll launch where the crew remained at the ISS for a longer time

Roll-03 Only a brief resupply of the ISS
Roll-04 Postponed numerous times, ended up being a resupply mission
Roll-05 One of the final launches before the "Mass Joining of 2011" messed up launches
Roll-06 Very likely the first mission with a manual landing
Roll-07 The shuttle crash landed :c
Roll-08 Another crash landing -_-


Delayed due to unofficial and unautiorized launching of rockets, plus a accusation between who did so.
Roll-09B Culminated in a crash due to a mechanical failure with the right flaps.
Roll-10 Was cancelled on the pad, never rescheduled. we just skipped to R-11
Roll-11 First successful landing, although the shuttle scraped the exit ramp a bit.
Roll-12 Rough landing- collided into a shuttle that crashed-landed earlier?

Like the name bears the bad luck of Apollo 13, the shuttle exploded on re-entry.


An exploit caused the shuttle to lose control & fall to Earth affter takeoff. The suspected exploiter was IIXXHockeyXXII.


Successful docking with the ISS. Landing results are unconfirmed, most likely successful.


Shuttle glitched on docking, Darwin12 gave up on the launch.


First successful launch in a while.


Rocket crashed on the runway, with all crew surviving.

Roll-19 Last Roll Launch At Tests, After Years of Operation.

On 2/4/12, at 1:45pm. Darwin12 (Now itsfutur), has reported Captevyo has stepped down as the Roll Director, where Jacobthescientist became the new Roll Director on 2/5/12, and later Roll is being ran by R.S.A exclusives.

Itsfutur confirmed many things for Roll, however there was a possbility of somethings to change.

Accidents and Negative EventsEdit

Roll-6 to Roll-8 Crash LandingEdit

  • All crashed on landing due to pilot error/glitches.

Roll-9A DelayEdit

  • Two RSA Members (supershadow20000 and epidemik') launched rockets unofficially at the launch date and the crowd eventually roused into a fight and blaming each other.
  • Supershadow and epidemik were also on the shuttle designated as Roll-9, taking the spot that the third crew member was supposed to be in, and they launched the rocket.
  • This caused Darwin12 to delay the launch and have both exiled.
  • More information is here.

Roll-9B Mechanical FailureEdit

  • 1wardude mistook the runway for a 'racing track' so he raced on it. It was unknown if the crew were somewhat distracted at this.
  • Also, a flap deployed without the pilot hitting the button, which caused the shuttle to do roll 90 degrees so that it's wings were perpendicular to the ground.
  • Following the above, It was ultimately the flap deployment and the pilot trying to avoid hitting the people on the runway that caused this crash.

Roll-12 Exit BlockEdit

  • Before the launch, the crew launched a shuttle to practice landing; unfortunantlly, the practice shuttle glitched and got stuck on the end of the runway where the shuttles normally land on.
  • The afftermath of the shuttles were that the launch shuttle collided into the practice shuttle and the exit ramp building as well.

Roll-13 DisappearanceEdit

  • When the shuttle re-entered Earth's atmosphere, it suddenly disappeared along with its crew, most likely to say it exploded on re-entry.
  • No evidence of what happened was found in footage other than it 'just disappeared'.
  • People believed a cause of the crash was the bad luck number '13'.

Roll-14 Exploit AttackEdit

  • When it launched, the shuttle suddenly tipped over and fell off the launch pad.
  • It is assumed it was a DLL. exploit that involved unanchoring the main brick of the shuttle which caused it to lose control and fail.
  • The result of the launch were people suspecting IIXXHockeyXXII, one of the crew being responsible. Darwin12 defended him for a while, until he told everyone to report him and his annoying alts.

​Roll-15 to Roll-16 DisappearanceEdit

  • The shuttle turned invisible upon docking (undocking for Roll-16
  • ) with the space station.

Roll-18 Crash LandingEdit

  • Pilot error caused plane to crash on the runway at the last moment. Roll-19 Was the last mission before it shut down.

Design and FunctionEdit

Roll is a space shuttle designed for transporting 1 to 4 astronaughts from RSA-Only Tests to the International Space Station (ISS) then landing back to Earth. The design is based on the real life NASA Space Shuttle that retired in 2011. However there are modifications:

1. Entry/Exit: A ramp connects to the tunnel in the payload bay similar to how a shuttle docks on the ISS. There are two types of ramps: One that goes 90 degrees to 180 degrees downwards and another that goes sidewards. or one that dosent move at all.

2. Controls: Launch is fully automated as well at SRB and ET Seperation. However there is an option to land the shuttle. This requires the badge earned at Land a Shuttle, which can no longer be obtained following the expiration of Aerideyn's Builders Club membership.

3. Capacity: One shuttle has four seats with a blue seat reserved for the landing pilot. Cargo could be placed in the payload bay but it is possible it might fall out if not stuck to the floor of the Bay.

4. Landing Style: The shuttle lands like a normal aircraft however it uses a parachute on leveling out to slow down its speed.

Other InfoEdit

CREATORS: Aerideyn and/or alec12317

NAME ORGIN / DEFENITION: Roll program of a rocket or aerobatic movement.


STATUS: Retired 2014

FLIGHT DIRECTOR: Captevyo and Jacobthescientist (formerly). Currently being ran by R.S.A exclusives.

Click here to see video footage from some Roll Missions